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Nutriways Healthy Brain

NUTRIWAYS HEALTHY BRAIN In order to meet the ever increasing stress and fatigue and to provide the essential nutrients to the growing Children, Nutriways has come up with a formulation that contains 5 vital Herbs:-

Hindi- Asgandh
English- Indian Ginseng
Latin Name- WithaniaSomnifera
Ashwagandha is an exceptional nerve tonic and one of the best remedies for the stress. It is the best herb for balancing Vatain the body. Ashwagandha is considered Sattvic in quality, which means it has a highly beneficial effect on mind and body, engendering calmness and clarity of mind and helping to promote wisdom. Ashwagandha also benefits the immune system and have a significant role in improving the overall immunity of the child.
Aloe Vera:
Hindi- GhritKumari
English- Aloe Vera
Latin Name- Aloe barbedensis
Aloe Vera has a laxative effect and can be used to clear toxins and heat from the bowel. It helps control micro-organisms in the gut and acts as a bitter tonic to the Liver and whole of the Digestive tract. It enhances the secretion of digestive enzymes, balance acid in the stomach, aids digestion and regulates sugar and fat metabolism. Aloe Vera has a generally cooling and moistening effect and can be used for problems associated with excess heat and inflammation.
Hindi- Shankhavali
Sanskrit- Medhya, MangalyaKusuma
Punjabi- Porpang, Dodak
Latin Name- Convolvulus pluricaulis
Acharya Charaka said that Shankhapushpi is best and is considered foremost among the Medhyarasayans. According to traditional system of medicine, Shankhapushpi is considered as a promoter of life span, strength and intellect. It cures mental disorders like Insomnia, Hysteria, Insanity, High Blood Pressure and depression. Shankhapushpi primarily strengthens the mind and is a multidimensional herb and its effects extends beyond the mind to improve the total personality of an individual. It has a slightly laxative action and improves the digestion. It boosts a sluggish circulation and activate a pale complexion. Shankhapushpiremoves nervous debility and promotes the nervous system. It boosts the mental faculties and develops memory and alertness.
English- Sweet Flag, Calamus root
Sanskrit- Bhadra, Bhutanashini
Punjabi- Bariboj, Wach
Latin Name- Acorcuscalamus
Vacha is a major herb for the mind. It is said to stimulate the power of self-expression and to enhance intelligence. Vacha promotes circulation to the brain, sharpens memory, enhances awareness and increases communication and self- expressions. It is a bitter herb that acts as a carminative and mucolytic. The rhizomes of the Vacha Herb has been used in Ayurvedic Medicine for the treatment of varying ailments such as Epilepsy, Headache, Eye Disorders, insomnia , Loss of memory, etc.
Hindi- Brahmi
English- Bacopa
Latin Name- Bacopamonniera
Of all Indian Herbal therapies,Brahmi has been established as a powerful nerve tonic and brain tonic. It is the most revitalizing herb for the nerves and brain cells. It has a reputation for increasing intelligence, longevity and circulation in the brain, improving both short term and long term memory and decreasing senility and ageing. Brahmi also acts as an Antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals in the brain, protecting the lining of the cells in the brain from the action of toxic free radicals. Attention Deficit- Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)- ADHD is a common behavioral disorder with prevalence rates believed to range from 3% to over 15%. Characterized by impulsive and hypertensive, disruptive behavior accompanied with an ability to pay attention, ADHD is linked to further psychiatric mood disorders that can affect educational and work performances. Healthy Brain in ADHD: Clinical studies suggest that Ashwagandhamay promote attention and behavioral control in children with ADHD by augmenting normal brain development. Researchers indicates Ashwagandha does it by inhibiting activity of enzymes that breaks down Acetyl choline, the neurotransmitter associated with cognition and memory , as well as stimulating growth of neurons. In ADHD, Brahmi has the additional benefit of minimizing the production of inflammatory chemicals that interfere with the blood circulation in the brain. Because of the herb’s calming effect, which does not interfere with normal physical activities, it has become the herb of choice for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children.




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